Fix Sims 3 freezing issues

Lot’s of people are reporting freezing issues with The Sims 3.  A temporary solution to unfreeze is by pressing either F2 or F3 and waiting a few seconds.


Below is a solution by Reddit member HiImParadox

Make sure that all your drivers are up to date.

Check for any software updates and do that, then i would download and install the super patcher for the sims3. Sometimes when you update through the game launcher it doesn’t update every single file… The way to make sure you have everything updated correctly is to download the super patcher which is available here:

 Here is the official super patcher page : .

Have you been able to successfully use “resetsim *” to reset every sim? I would try to resetsim * as soon as you load your save, and then periodically after that if you notice things starting to lag…. and save often! And use different save files, example: save1, save2, save3, save4. Each time you save use “save as” and create a new save file until you have… let’s say 4 save slots, then you can recycle them on the next turn. So after save4 the next save would be “save1” again, and so on and so forth. The advantage of this would be having different saves from different times, so if it turns out that a save file gets corrupted, then you can go to an earlier save without losing too much.

So, to reiterate: 1.update any drivers/software on your computer. 2. update your game using the superpatcher. 3. use “resetsim *” to reset all sims in your world.

If this still doesn’t solve the problem, then your save file might already be corrupted. You could try downloading mods to fix this, or going to your back up save file. (The game actually makes a back up file automatically- it will be the save before the current one).

Here are the instructions for restoring the automatic backup save (this is from Mod the Sims)

To restore a save in a version 1.7+ game, follow these instructions:

Open My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Saves. Locate the folders relating to the save you want to restore – there should be two, and they will have the name that you gave your save. For example, if the save being restored is called Sunset Valley, there will be two folders called Sunset Valley.sims3, and Sunset Valley.sims3.backup. Rename the xxxx.sims3 folder to xxxx.sims3.old. Rename the xxxx.sims3.backup folder to xxxx.sims3. If you get an error along the lines of “A file with the name you specified already exists.”, look for a file called xxxx.sims3 – this is an old file, and you can move it somewhere else, or rename it to something like xxxx.sims3.basegame. You should then be able to rename the folder properly. You should now be able to load your save as normal ingame. You will lose any progress since the last time the game was backed up.

Link to the page describing this, it also has helpful information to try to figure out what’s going on and how to fix it: