Fix Asus X200CA freezing and hard drive issues

It seem’s like Asus is not going forward like Acer is.  At this time I believe Acer is better in quality than Asus.  All the new Asus computers have a difficult bios to work with.  Just to get Ubuntu or Pear OS 8 installed you will have to go through lot’s of trouble.  I just bought an Asus X200CA, and the touch screen is what sold me.  I was very excited about buying it since it is my first touch screen laptop.  Asus really needs to work on quality control because this laptop has too many issues.


Asus X200 CA has issues. 


The thing I hate most about this laptop is the fact that CPU runs hotter than average for a Celeron.  A lot of people are reporting freezing issues and I have noticed that too.  The best thing you can do to fix all these problems is to just install Pear OS 8 Linux which comes with almost all drivers including touch screen drivers and does not freeze at all.

In order to even install a Linux distro you gotta go into Bios and disable Secure boot.  While the computer is off plug your Pear OS 8 bootable USB and when you turn it on quicky hit F2 to get into bios.   Arrange boot orders so that it looks for the USB flash drive first.

Once you can boot into the Pear OS 8 installer you are on easy street.  You will be relieved of freezing issues.  Once I figure out a fix for the CPU that is running at 53 celsius temps, I will update this article.  I think it may be the physical design of the computer that doesn’t give enough cooling to the CPU.

pear os 8 screenshot

Pear OS 8 goes great with Asus X200CS