Fix Acer V5 A4 apu slow performance

Sick of your Acer laptop with A4 processor running slow?  The cause of the problem is the fact that the A4 processor is similar to older atom slow processors found on Netbooks.  This fix also applies to other A4 processors in other laptops too and not just Acer.  You may not view this as a fix and rather an alternative way to deal with the problem.  The problem is that this processor can’t handle windows 8 well.  I even tried running the Windows 10 technical preview and it was the same slow speed.

I also noticed loud fan constantly on due to the processor working very hard to play videos.

Acer Aspire V5 slow performance fix

The fix

What I did was install Linux Mint XFCE which is designed for slower and older computers but yet modern looking.  I also noticed that Chrome browser on Windows run by the A4 processor performs horribly.  Linux Mint XFCE comes with Mozilla  firefox which is not as resource intensive as Chrome is.  I like Firefox and will stick with it.  Even though I am a Google guy and like the fact that Chrome syncs all my data.  Chrome is known to have issues with high CPU usage.  Since installing and running Linux Mint XFCE, the fan is more quiet and pages load blazing fast.  You can download the torrent or direct link to Linux Mint XFCE here and use Unetbootin to write it to a usb flash drive and boot from that flash drive.  You have to go into Acer Bios by pressing F12 and enabling legacy boot before you can boot form USB.  You also gotta enable F12 boot and make sure to hit F12 key on Acer startup screen.

The current edition of Linux Mint is 17 Qiana.  You can download it from here.