First 3D printed Braille phone launched by OwnFone

New things are being printed in 3D all the time.  3D printers can print unique stuff from Guns to Houses, and now a phone.  Ownfone has launched a 3D printed phone for the blind.

The Braille Phone is a credit-card sized device that can be customized and easily used by those without full vision.

Tom Sunderland, the OwnFone founder, said the following:

This is the first phone to have a 3D printed keypad and for people that can’t read Braille, we can print texture and raised text on the phone. Our 3D phone printing process is patent pending. The phone can be personalised with two or four Braille buttons which are pre-programmed to call friends, family, carers or the emergency services.

More info here

OwnFone Braille