Find out who has checked your credit report

credit bureaus

The only way that I know of that you can find out who checked your credit report is for you to pull up latest credit report you have and look at the inquiries section.  It will show any inquiries made by anyone into your credit report.  The part that sucks about this is that inquiries also have a negative effect on your credit report.  If you view your own report it won’t count against you.

I wouldn’t be worried much about strangers looking at your report as all the major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) all put people through a series of personal questions before granting access to their credit files.  Some of the credit bureaus may actually ask you questions that you can’t answer such as “Your file indicates you have taken an auto loan, please select the amount you pay per month”.  You can’t answer such a question if you never took an auto loan so you will have to get in touch with the bureau to request a mailed copy.

Some employers also like to look at your credit report when you are applying for a job.  If it’s a job that involves financial risk such as a job dealing with some cash, then you should expect them to look at your report.

I have been hired by a few companies that ordered a consumer report of me and I have never seen them pull up my credit report.  They just do general background check.  It costs them to pull up your credit report and they won’t do it unless they really have to for some good reason.

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