Facebook To Bid Goodbye To Its “Classic” Look..

Facebook To Bid Goodbye To Its "Classic" Look..


A little over a year ago, Facebook shared to its users their latest vision on how they want their website to look like. Featuring a sleek interface with little to no dark shaded borders/shapes, it was touted as the future look of Facebook and something that users should be looking forward to in the near future. There are individuals however who prefer to stick with the “classic” look for the application and Facebook has given them the option to do so, until now. With news that the company now intends everyone to start using the new, more modern design, it has been announced that the company will be discontinuing the capability of using the “classic” look come September 2020.

“Classic” Look To Be Permanently Removed:

As reported by Engadget, there have been updates done by Facebook to its help pages; the area where users are given the option to switch back to the classic look, now has an additional message to inform users of the potential changes that are about to come. Starting slowly, Facebook made the new design its default look last May, but users were given the option to revert back to the classic mode if preferred. However, based on the recent developments, Facebook will now be removing that option, and will start having users use the modern look. This will likely cause a stir with some of the users especially those who have faithfully stuck with the “classic” look throughout their whole time in Facebook.

This doesn’t mean that it is all bad when switching to the new design. For mobile users, one of the touted features for this modern look is its capability to support dark mode browsing. This mode of browsing allows for a better browsing experience, especially for those who spend most of their time in Facebook during the nighttime. Desktop users need not worry as well, since the modern design is focused on maximizing the possible real estate when opting to go full screen. What this means is that, when using the full screen mode on your desktops, users will get a feeling of smoothness and cohesiveness when looking at the objects on your screen. This design does not sacrifice the feeling of order in your screen but rather, it gives a sense of free flowing transition in between the details that are being shown.

The new design aims to give users a better sense of connectivity within Facebook, while not sacrificing the privacy of the user. One of the noticeable changes is an overhauled groups tab for the modern look, which will allow users to better keep up with the communities that they follow. Although not everyone might not yet fully embrace the concept of the new look, the decision to make it the only available viewing option might cause some discomfort for long time users. As with everything, change is the only thing that’s permanent and Facebook hopes that users will be able to accept this change as well.