Epic: Daily Fortnite Players on iOS Down 60 Percent

In a new request for a preliminary injunction in court, Epic reports that the number of daily Fortnite players on iOS has decreased by 60 percent since Apple removed the game from the App Store and stopped multiplayer.

In total, there are 116 million registered Fortnite users on iOS, which is nearly a third of the 350 million registered players who are there in total, Epic said in its request for an interim injunction filed Friday. The Verge publishes the legal document. It is not known how many daily active players there are on iOS, but that number would have dropped by 60 percent.

Epic measured this from the time of removing Fortnite from the App Store until September 2. In addition, multiplayer on iOS and macOS stopped at the end of August. Of the Fortnite players on iOS, 63 percent would only be able to play the game on iOS, the claim goes on. Epic tries to give an indication of the damage suffered, although the game company does report that the damage cannot be calculated in any amount.

According to Epic, Fortnite is a social platform and a ‘place of meeting of players on all platforms’. The company expresses fears that the runaway players will not return and complains that it cannot access any of the more than one billion iOS users. This measure would remain in force for at least a year

Apple responds with a summary of its previous statements that Epic has violated the Terms of the App Store with updates from Fortnite, that this is not fair to other developers and that Epic itself is harming customers. The case starts on September 28. The judge ruled in a previously filed preliminary injunction that Apple Epics developer account for the Unreal Engine should not close but the judge found that removing Fortnite was permissible