Encode App Review- Coding App for Beginners

Do you wish to learn to code from scratch?

Now there are several innovative ways to learn how to code. You don’t have to spend hours reading books or watching tutorial videos online. These days, even mobile apps can teach you how to code. In fact, they are the most preferred as you get to compile and run programs on the same platform.

encode app

Secondly, the field of programming is so vast that most newbie programmers find themselves completely overwhelmed by the amount of information there is on the internet. To avoid this situation, you need to learn how to streamline the learning process.

Encode is a mobile app for newbie and intermediate level programmers. It contains bite-sized programming lessons that are fun, engaging and practical. It is developed and maintained an Australian edu-tech firm Upskew Pty. Ltd. In this post, I have reviewed this app in detail

How does Encode App work?

To get started with your journey as a programmer, just download Encode on your Android device(known as knowin for iOS). Once you are done installing, you don’t necessarily need to have an active internet connection. This app lets you download lessons for offline usage.

Further, the creators of this app believe that a skill like programming is best learned by doing. This is why they have added interactive coding challenges after every chapter. Moreover, you can also create some basic applications on this platform.

Features of Encode App

1) Bite-size learning: The whole idea of learning to code on a mobile device is to reduce the unnecessary clutter and only focus on fundamentals. This is why the lessons Encode are created in a short and precise way.

2) Hand-on challenges: There are plenty of hands-on challenges like “complete the code” and multiple-choice questions. These challenges test your knowledge and keep you in check with your learning curve.

3) Learn at your own pace: The creators of Encode understand that not every student can grasp the programming concepts quickly. This is mainly because most wannabe programmers come from a non-technical background.

What I like about Encode App

My commute to work takes about an hour. Instead of sitting ideal or waste my time watching TV shows, I can learn how to code and expand my knowledge about the craft I practice. Most importantly, I can use this app without a constant Internet connection. This is key while traveling in subways and trains.

What I don’t like about Encode App

 Although this app is designed for beginner programmers. There are some instances where the course creator has not mentioned the meaning of syntax. I hope they add notes in between the course content.

My recommendation

I recommend Encode to newbie and intermediate programmers. Those who wish to familiarise themselves with programming and those who are on their way to proficiency. Also, before a job interview, you can use the app to brush up on fundamentals of whichever programming language you work on.


Encode for Android is free of cost. For iOS devices, the creators of this app have changed the name of the app from Encode to Knowin. “Knowin” has a pro version(with extra challenges) which comes at $4.99, one-time payment.