Enable secret menu in Verizon Galaxy S5

The thing that sucks about Verizon is that they decided to disable the secret codes in the S5.  I got into trouble in Somalia when a guy bought my phone and later tried using the secret code *#0*#, and when he could not get into the sensors testing menu he came back to me and asked for his money back claiming it is Chinese and not real S5.

verizon is evil sucks ripoff



First you have to be rooted.  GeoHot released Towel Root to root the AT&T and Verizon S5 plus it roots other phones like the Note 3. Download Towel root Apk http://www.towelroot.com and please do consider donating to him as these exploits are very hard to find.  Run the apk and then restart the phone.

GeoHot root Galaxy S5

Download Super User updated apk http://download.chainfire.eu/450/SuperSU/UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.00.zip Next, download root browser or Rom toolbox lite from the Google Playstore.  Super user may ask you to disable Knox after you root and install the updated Super User apk, go ahead and run Root Browser and browse to the EFS > Carrier > folder and find HiddenMenu, (You gotta grant Super User access to get into EFS folder).  open HiddenMenu text file with the text editor that your S5 came with and replace OFF with ON, you need to write ON with CAPS.  Save it by hitting save icon and then reboot.   After this, you will have ability to use hidden menu secret dialer codes like *#0*# to get into phone hardware/sensor testing menu.


Galaxy S5 Verizon enable secret dialer codes