EA pulls newly introduced advertising from UFC 4 after criticizing players

Electronic Arts pulled these ads out shortly after the introduction of almost full-screen advertising in fighting game UFC 4. This after a stream of complaints on social media. EA apologized for it

A video posted on Reddit shows an ad for a television series that briefly takes up virtually the entire screen. This is in addition to the ads on the mat, which were already in it at the time of release. The game has been on the market for the PS4 and Xbox One since August 14 and costs 59.99 euros. Critics accuse EA of waiting for the release of this advertisement until after the publication of release reviews.

The advertisement is according to a other post also added to UFC 3, but it is unclear if it has been removed. This game cost the same amount of money at the time of its introduction in 2018.

EA says it has understood the feedback on the advertising ‘loud and clear’ and that it apologises for ‘possible disruptions to gameplay’. It also states that it ‘should have communicated this change to players in advance’. That writes Eurogamer.