‘DuckDuckGo loses spot on Android choice screen in many European countries’

The privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo loses its place on the search engine selection screen in Android. That’s what business newspaper The Wall Street Journal writes. The company says it bids lower than last time

Except to DuckDuckGo, Ecosia is also losing its place in many countries, writes The Wall Street Journal. DuckDuckGo was visible as a choice in many different countries, but will now only be seen in four unnamed smaller countries. Google hasn’t announced the results yet.

Google shows the elective screen since March 1 at the installation of Android in European member states. With this change, Google meets the requirements of the European Commission. It fined the company €4.34 billion in 2018 for abuse of power in Android. Google would advance its own apps and hinder competing services.

Which three search engines Google shows depends on a bidding system per country. Search engines that sign up had to specify an amount for each country they would pay to appear on the selector screen. The winning parties must then pay the amount bid by the fourth highest bidder. Google holds such an auction every four months, so that after each period a different selection can appear.

DuckDuckGo director Gabriel Weinberg says the company couldn’t offer more because the company won’t make a profit. According to him, the auction will provide more users, but the auction also costs more. Weinberg says the design of the auction makes search engines with a focus on ads more likely to win the auction, as opposed to privacy-focused search engines. Earlier, other search companies said the scheme would not match the spirit of the European Commission’s decision