Most-watched Doctor Who Opener Since 2010


Doctor Who was a success last night. The episode titled ‘Deep Breath’ drew in a peak audience of 7.3 million viewers. The series 8 opener has become the most-watched series launch since 2010, when Matt Smith made his first appearance as the eleventh doctor. But not everybody was happy with last night’s 76 minute long episode.

“Don’t breath = don’t blink. We’ve already been there.” Says The Metro’s Dan Wilson, “All we needed was a child with a gas mask welded to his face and we’d have had all of Steven Moffat’s greatest Doctor Who hits in 76 minutes. Are you my mummy?”

Some people were even disappointed that Matt Smith had to make a cameo appearance. “The most divisive element of the episode will surely be the reappearance of eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith. He may as well have stepped into shot, grabbed the camera with both hands, stared down the lens and addressed the audience directly.” says The Mirror’s Richard Beech.


Remember the clockwork robots from the 2006 episode ‘The Girl In The Fireplace”? Well they also made an appearance in last nights episode. And so did The Paternoster Gang, which was a nice surprise. Madame Vastra, the green one and Jenny, the not-so green one. You can’t beat a bit of Strax either.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Was it a hit or a miss? I know I’ll be tuning in to next week’s episode, ‘Into The Dalek’.

Alex The Wonder Spud

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