Don’t You Want to Be Perfect?

don't need to be a perfect

Isn’t it a dream of anybody—to be smart and creative? Be able to concentrate in seconds and moreover to make sure that nobody and nothing can ever distract you? Be able to solve any complex problem with exclusive speed and ease? Be able to control your brain in any unexpected situations? To remember new information without any efforts? To shine on the stage during the performance at a conference or accepting one more trophy or award for excellent work in your favourite sport? So, are you motivated enough to improve yourself?

Control over mind—the way to the harmony

The world is rushing to the future, fantastic projects become a reality. We can’t imagine our life anymore without a plenty of things which were invented only like 10-20 years ago. We can literally see how everything’s changing, and only human feelings and emotions are still the same. Control over emotions and feelings in order to avoid a stress is the exact functionality of the device developed by the Actum Technology company.


Roughly speaking, from the middle of the XX century practical methods of biological feedback establishment were developed and applied for various parameters fixation. Only then it was about fixation of a pulse wave or muscular force. For the past years science and technologies evolved dramatically and control over one’s own mind by means of biological feedback is quite real process now.

Today the method is admitted to be scientific. It’s based on numerous experiments and clinical practice. of Practical use researches show that neuro-headset usage is an effective way for stress and relaxation level control at the necessary moment.

In December, 2008 we first met researches in the biological feedback field and were intrigued by them. Within next 8 years we looked for the best decision for use of such device, and during experiments we managed to figure out that this device will help us to resist daily stress. Nervous tension reduces productivity, spoils the mood, causes an signigicant harm to health. Fortunately, the stress can be resistable.

Mind control

Nowadays a person has to face much more stressful situations than senior generation. With development of technologies the volume of information processed by the brain including negative one has significantly increased. Combined with troubles at work or just simple moral fatigue, it can lead to a major stress. The best way of disposal from the last one was always a rest. However the 21st century changes this direction, too.

Yogis who practice meditation aren’t victims of stress. They are in harmony with world around and with themselves. It takes a lot of time for yogis to learn to control emotions and mind. They spend years and even decades trying to achieve their goals,and such persistence can be showed not by everyone, as well as not everyone is capable to keep concentration on necessary level. In this case new technologies come to the rescue.

“re:brain” is the designed to fix changes of the brain activity by means of modern sensors with the further information processing in accordance with unique algorithms developed by the Actum Technology company specialists.

With “re:brain” you will learn how to resist stress, to relax and to recover faster after a hard day.

When we start to think or have some feelings and emotions, there are global processes starting in our heads. Special cages—neurons—begin to interact via axons (sprouts). When the amount of interacting neurons is estimated in hundreds of thousands, electrochemical activity generates electric field which power is enough for fixing from an external part of the head. For this purpose special sensors adjacent to skin are set in certain places of the head and process incoming information.

The work of “re:brain” is based on measurement of quality of brain activity bioelectric wave. Improvement of wave activity quality promotes fast immersion in deep relaxation, decrease in mental chaos, improvement of a night dream quality .

The neuro-headset reads out waves and transfers data to the main unit via wires. After that signals are processed with help of a unique formula, then available information goes to the tablet or the smartphone via bluetooth.

A special program displays on the screen the brain activity level. Moreover, with force of thought it’s possible to operate the animation character. Looking at the brain activity visualization, a person unwittingly begins to try to control themselves. By operation of the character one can obtain experience of control over emotions.

Use of the device can be compared to educational process. With its help a person learns to control their psychological state, to accept and to understand properly signals going from their organism that has positive impact on an emotional state and health in general.