Disadvantages of using Virtual Private Networks

Vpn network

A VPN uses several security and privacy protocols to connect securely to private networks. However despite being advantageous to the users VPN security faces a lot many issues related to security, safety and personal privacy. Hacking attacks are quite common and a client may become its target from within a connecting network. The intruder can hijack the VPN and pretend to be that client on the connecting network. This is done by exploiting the misconfiguration in machine or using several hacking tools. Today many big VPN providers face glaring security problems. According to a study conducted by the Sapienza University of Rome and Queen Mary University of London the systems used by the VPN providers nowadays are highly open to attacks. 16 services were considered as a part of the study and only one was protected from DNS hijacking and even that one was also not protected from IPv-6 leaks. The reason was that over half of the VPN providers used the inefficient and out of use point to point tunneling protocol for encryption and hence were highly vulnerable to hijacking.

User authentication is not strongly enforced in VPN by default. Since the authentication process is not strong enough and any third party could easily gain access to the network and its resources.

The client side risks are also high while using VPN if the tunneling is split and some other parties who may not be fully aware of the security consequences might end up sharing the client machine’s server.

Infection caused by malwares and viruses also poses great risk to the security and safety of data while using proxy servers. If one network is infected by virus it can spread to other networks being connected if adequate measures are not taken or proper antivirus is not used. The password of the VPN can be leaked to a attacker if the client side of the machine is infected with malwares or viruses.

Also most of the people generally use VPN on their mobile devices which have mostly Android operating system. Apart from IOS operating system, other operating systems are highly vulnerable to data breaching and insecure connection. The integrity of the data can be checked while transmitting over a network using VPN. However despite having all these security and privacy functionalities VPN does not ensure that the users are authenticated properly and anyone can easily gain access to one’s private network using other secure network with a simple combination of username and password.