Remove Knox on Galaxy Note 3

Knox on Samsung smartphones can get very annoying.  It takes Security to the extreme and doesn’t even allow you to get root access with Super User.  It shows you the following message when Super User tries to get root access to do a task you need. Samsung Knox disable “SuperSU tried to access system in your device without authorization. This action was blocked.” OR “An application attempted to access system on your device without authorization.” OR “Unauthorized access to a secured area has been blocked.” This may also work on other Samsung phones like the Galaxy S3, S4 or S5.

  1. Touch Apps Apps Icon > Samsung > KNOX KNOX Icon .
  2. From the KNOX Home screen, touch Menu Menu Key > KNOX settings. Click KNOX Settings
  3. Touch About KNOX > Uninstall.
  4. When you uninstall KNOX, you will be asked if you want to back up your KNOX data. The data will be saved during the uninstall process and saved to your device’s KNOX folder. To back up your KNOX data, touch Back up now; otherwise, touch OK. Important! Personal data such as photos, music files, contacts, and calendar events will be backed up during uninstallation. Email and app data cannot be backed up during KNOX uninstallation.
  5. Enter your KNOX password, and touch Continue.
  6. Uninstalling KNOX can take several minutes. If you backed up your data, touch Apps Apps Icon > Samsung > My Files > All > Knox. There will be a Zip file with all of your personal content from KNOX. Note: If you have installed an optional microSD™ card, select All > Device storage > Knox.

    KNOX Backup File