Disable annoying edge swipe windows 8 mouse

Annoying Windows 8 pc mouse edge swipe Sick of Windows 8 sending you to another hot corner process when you are using your touchpad mouse?  I am.  You can do something about this annoyance.  All you gotta do is open control panel > then Mouse > device settings > then settings again to enter Synaptics settings menu.  You will finally see an option to disable edge swipe.   Uncheck the option on the left that says “Enable edge swipes”.  I just don’t understand why Microsoft thought this kind of thing would be convenient to user.  It is pure annoyance as most people don’t use hot corners and edge swiping crap to switch between apps. You should also consider installing Classical shell which includes an option to bypass Metro tile screen in Windows 8 and also disable annoying hot corners.

This is one of Microsoft’s many annoyances in Windows 8.  Microsoft is trying hard to compete with Apple and deliver amazing touch experience but it is failing.  You can even see that most PC manufacturers now have introduced touch screen laptops due to Windows 8 demanding touch experience.   Look at the below screenshot to help guide you.Annoying windows 8 edge swipe