Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2018

digital marketing

Running a business is a lot of work, especially when you’re just getting started. While you’re figuring out how to manage your operations and sell your product or service, you have to manage a staff and ensure people know about what you offer by using marketing campaigns. If you aren’t familiar or comfortable with the different marketing trends out there today, it can be a little overwhelming figuring out the best way to spread the word. However, if you have a good digital marketing strategy in place, you can successfully market your product or service to the right audience and bring in new customers. Here are some of the top digital marketing trends in 2018.

Social Media

A good marketer should never neglect social media. In fact, it’s where most people spend their time, averaging at least two hours a day on their favorite social network. With so much screen time, it’s hard to pass up a good opportunity to put your company in front of them and show them why they should choose you. Leverage social media by setting up an online profile for your business and sharing the most exciting aspects of it, such as product or service enhancements, customer testimonials, and new product launches. You should also actively engage with your customers and audience and answer questions when they have them. It makes your company look more authentic and validates customers’ desire to feel included.


People are naturally visual, which is why incorporating video into your digital marketing strategy is key to bringing in new customers. A good video can bring traffic to your website, which can result in more sales or service inquiries for your business. To create a quality video, you should hire professionals to handle the video shoots and editing. The more polished your video looks, the better you’ll be presented to the public. You can and should share your videos across your digital channels such as social media to bring in new customers and share your brand story to help drive your digital strategy.


Hosting high-quality content across digital channels is vital to your company’s digital marketing strategy. If you don’t convey the right message, your content will be lost on your audience and you’ll have missed opportunities to increase sales. Your website’s content should be consistent with the messaging you put out on social media and through other online channels. If you don’t have a website for your business, you can make your own website using tools available online. You shouldn’t try to execute a digital marketing strategy without first having a reputable website to direct curious potential customers to. If writing isn’t your forte, you can hire experienced content writers to handle the content strategy for you. Let them experiment with different types of content such as blogs, articles, and social media posts to creating contests, infographics, and polls to gauge customer interest.


Your business doesn’t have to be a multimillion dollar company in order to take advantage of voice strategy. In fact, most businesses are now leveraging voice technology to get their message out to customers. To do this, you may want to work with a SEO specialist to help you pinpoint the keywords that may be associated with your business, so that when a customer is searching for a product or service in your industry, your company’s name comes up in the search results. You may even want to consider taking it a step further by implementing an Alexa skill or Google action that coincides with your business to help you reach those tech-savvy customers who use these voice-activated assistants in their homes. It doesn’t take a large marketing budget to reach a wide variety of customers.

If you know who you want to reach and have a good strategy in place, you’ll be able to connect with a variety of customers in all types of demographics using digital technology.