Difference between 802 and 801 A plus exams

comptia-certified Most people wonder why there are 2 tests for A+ Certification. The reason for the 2 tests is because there are too many questions to put on just 1 test. The tests for A+ Certification are split up into 801 which covers “Hardware” and 802 which covers “Software, troubleshooting and mobile devices”. When new technology or mobile devices come out, tests like Comptia A+ get updated. A good tip for you when taking A+ exam is that you should read all the multiple choice answers, because people often see one answer they like and choose that one then hit next and end up getting question wrong. Some answers are similar so you want to read the possible answers carefully.

CompTIA A+ 220-802 

220-802 Operating Systems 220-802 Security 220-802 Mobile Devices 220-802 Troubleshooting

CompTIA A+ 220-801 

220-801 Hardware 220-801 Network 220-801 Laptops 220-801 Printers 220-801 Operational Procedures

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