Developer creates browser to use Google Stages on iOS

A developer created a browser to use game streaming service Google Stadia on iOS. The browser is in the App Store and supports Stadia via tricks to make controllers work in the browser and customize the user agent.

Stadia doesn’t work by default if the service recognises an iOS browser, which is why the browser pretends to be Mac software, writes user u/ZMKnox on Reddit. After installing the browser, users must set the primary URL to Stages, which user select and log in via Google. After that, the browser will always end up on the logged-in page of Stadia.

The browser has no other interface elements and therefore works fullscreen. Stages can’t recognise the exact controller that users pair, and that may be problematic for some players in some games, but otherwise it works fine, notes 9to5Google. All controllers working on iOS also work in the browser through code from developer Jason Meulenhoff.

The trick is still needed at the moment, as Apple does not allow game streaming services on iOS and Stages does not work by default in Safari. That may change because Safari support for the Stages controller. The browser Stadium is in the App Store and requires iOS 14 or later.