Cosmetic dentistry in the UK

You may be surprised to learn that these days it is not just in Hollywood where you can find the perfect smile. In fact the UK is becoming a hot spot for dental surgery and cosmetic dental surgery as people realise that having perfect teeth does not cost as much and is not as time consuming as previously thought. There are a multitude of procedures and surgeries that can be carried out on your teeth to turn them into a set of pearly whites, sure to dazzle! This article provides information about all the cosmetic dentistry procedures you can have in the UK.

Let’s start with something simple, tooth whitening. This is one of the most popular types of treatment because people don’t want stained, yellow teeth. Having your teeth whitened is a simple and cost effective way to lift your smile and improve its appearance. This procedure is available in the North and in the South. All over the UK you can have this simple procedure carried out.

Dental implants are also available in the UK. These are a good option for anyone with loose or missing teeth. A titanium root is inserted into the part of the bone of the missing tooth and left to fuse and heal for up to 6 months. When the root is fixed into place and secure enough, a prosthetic tooth is screwed into place. The tooth will last for decades and performs just like any natural tooth so this is understandably a popular choice.

It is also possible to have black fillings replaced with white fillings. Black fillings are unsightly and over time they can become rough and even darker as the metal tarnishes. White fillings can be applied directly or they can be created in a laboratory and then inserted. In some cases it is even possible to have porcelain fillings to replace cavities in the molar teeth.

Porcelain veneers can turn a bad set of teeth into a dazzling set. They are thin porcelain shells that are attached to the outer surface of the teeth to not only improve their colour but also their shape. They are very effective at hiding defects or teeth that are not perfectly straight. Any cracked teeth or teeth affected by severe discolouration can be made perfect by veneers. They are a permanent solution although the patient could need further work in the future and so should factor this possible cost in when deciding whether to proceed. However, remarkable results are possible with veneers.

Sometimes teenagers and adults have to wear braces on their teeth to ensure they are positioned in the correct way. This can be someone’s worst nightmare. The good news is that there is an invisible solution. Being very thin and completely invisible, invisible braces can work just as well as the traditional variety but without the self conscious factor. Not only can braces like these correct the positioning of your teeth, they can also whiten them at the same time, perfect!

If you are keen to have some kind of cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile there are dentists in the UK who can perform the work. You should talk to your regular dentist first to find out what treatments are available. Cosmetic dentistry in the UK is becoming more and more popular as people strive to have perfect teeth and realise it doesn’t cost as much as first thought. It is even possible to have same day fixed teeth if you are in a rush! So wherever you live in the UK you will be able to find a cosmetic dentist to suit your needs. Whether it is a dentist in Grimsby or another part of the country, you too can have a perfect smile.

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