Construct2 vs GameMaker vs GameSalad vs Stencyl

Game development software
I’ve bought Construct2 and it is a great 2D game design application, it is very easy to use. I have also used Gamesalad and it is also a very easy game design software to use.

Construct2 is affordable at just $119, and would be perfect if only it had the capability to export Native android APK’s. ┬áThe problem with Construct2 is it relies too much on HTML5. Anything you export is going to be HTML5 and when you build your app via PhoneGapp or anything else, your app will be limited to using the default android webview in order to display the HTML5 content. I would recommend getting GameMaker or GameSalad. Personally GameSalad is what I would recommend over all of the other Game design software because it is the most affordable. With Gamesalad you only pay a one time fee of $299 or $150 if you are a student and you never have to worry about a recurring yearly fee which other Game design software like Stencyl charge.

YoYo Gamemaker is by far the hardest one to learn and it’s pricing is outrageous. You have to pay different fees to publish to different Appstores like Apple App store or Google Play

GameMaker, GameSalad and Stencyl all build your app in the Cloud.