Clumsy Bird is a game similar to Flappy Bird

clumsy bird vs Flappy Bird

In case you haven’t heard of Clumsy Bird, it is a game that you really should play.  In my opinion it looks visually better than Flappy Bird.  The bird in Clumsy Bird kind of looks like one of those birds from Angry Birds. Watch the video below to see a person break their smartphone because of Flappy Bird.

Clumsy Bird vs Flappy Bird


THE CHASE IS ON! Flap the little wings of the Clumsy Birds in this #1 thrilling and action packed flying adventure.

Meet the hapless ever Clumsy Birds and they need your help! The survival of the Clumsy Birds is at stake because the bad dragons have stolen their precious eggs. With their little wings, the Clumsy Birds are not afraid of any danger. It’s your job to guide these cute birds fly through all kinds of obstacles to get back their eggs.

Game Features:
– Simple one touch controls: touch to flap the wings
– Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master
– Stunning graphics: beautifully detailed world comes to life on Android

How to Play:
– Tap anywhere on the screen to fly higher!