Cloudflare to use Wayback Machine archive for Always Online service

Cloudflare will use the Wayback Machine’s archive for the Always Online service. When the original host of a site is offline and Cloudflare itself does not have a page, the service can grab the most recently archived page of Wayback Machine.

With the Always Online service, Cloudflare archives a static version of a website itself. This version can be presented to users by Cloudflare if the original host of a website cannot be accessed for any reason. If Cloudflare does not have an archived version of a page, then can consult the Always Online service from now on the archive of the Wayback Machine.

This new Always Online version is currently in bèta, but Cloudflare customers can choose to switch to the new version now. Cloudflare wants to switch completely to the version with the Wayback Machine integration ‘soon’. When users are presented with a censored or archived page, they will see a banner stating that the original host is offline. Services that require contact with the original server – such as online shopping – are not possible with the Always Online service.

Cloudflare and Wayback Machine administrator Internet Archive also announce that the Wayback Machine will automatically archive websites with Always Online. For this too, websites must use the bètaversion of Always Online. When hosts activate this, Cloudflare sends certain information – including hostname and popular URLs – to Internet Archive. With this information, the Wayback Machine can ‘regularly’ crawl and archive a website. This new feature, according to Cloudflare, archives more URLs “that might not otherwise have been found by the Internet Archive.