Cloudflare comes with web analytics tool that only measures visits

Cloudflare releases its own tool to analyze website visits. According to the company, Cloudflare Web Analytics is privacy-friendly because it does not track visitors individually and therefore does not store anything with them. Instead, the tool only counts visits.

The tool will be available to both existing Cloudflare customers and other website administrators. They then need to add the code to their website to use the tool. For Cloudflare customers, the code is rotated serverside, but the external version needs to load clientside JavaScript. Cloudflare warns that it is possible that website visitors block it.

Cloudflare writes in a blog post that Web Analytics is primarily focused on visitor privacy. For example, no cookies are placed or fingerprints are made to indicate individual visitors. The tool therefore does not indicate unique visitors, but only visits. Users can also see which pages are visited and how long, and from which countries users come. Cloudflare customers using Bot Management will also be able to detect automated visits in the future and block those bots through Web Analytics.

The tool is not yet available. Exactly when it will come out is not yet known.