Cellphone makers in US to equip phones with anti-theft mechanism

cell phone theft on the rise

Cell phone thefts are on the rise in the U.S. at places such as public transit areas where people wait, but not for long, as owners may soon be able to remotely lock a stolen phone and erase all its data.The top five biggest cellular phone service providers in the country, together with major manufacturers, including Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Motorola and Nokia, have all signed an agreement that will effectively eliminate the benefits to the thieves.
All smartphones manufactured for sale in the U.S. after July 2015 will be equipped with a system for remotely erasing all data and making them useless without the proper password,¬†According to a statement by the industry’s largest trade organization. Thieves will also not be able to reset the phone. All the deleted data would be retrievable if the owner gets the phone back.
All smartphones will get this kill switch, free of charge. Previously, some cellphone service providers resisted introduction of a kill switch,’ fearing that hackers could exploit the feature, but later reversed their stand under pressure from the public and some lawmakers.