Can someone find your home address on Kik

kik messenger home tracked
This is what worries some people.  Someone actually finding where you live through Kik.  I don’t think people should really worry about online strangers finding where they live through apps or websites.  I am no security expert or hacker but I do know some things about web design and i.p. addresses.  When you visit a website page like the one you are on right now, your I.P. address, your browser type, which country, state and City you are in are all visible and available for me to see through Google Analytics.  Beyond that, it is almost impossible for me to see any more than that.  The same goes for Kik or any messenger apps and believe me these messenger apps have privacy policies and tough security measures in place.   The only way a person can actually locate you is if they get your info from the ISP which won’t happen unless police or FBI have a warrant.  With an i.p. address a person can even know the general neighborhood you live in, if they are really good that is.  I read that ISP’s assign i.p. address by location just like zip codes are.  A good example of this is how Google knows what city or even location you are in if you give them location access because all they do is check your I.P. and find the neighborhood you are in with just your I.P. address and not even GPS (laptops or PC’s don’t have GPS normally).


Some apps even know your location but you have to give them prior authorization to get your location.  Groups like Anonymous on the other hand can find out where people live because they use sophisticated hacking tools they develop to publicize the home addresses and other private info of important targets they select for their illegal hacking.