bypass Gosmart wifi tether block

bypass Gosmart tethering block with Google bot
It is not hard to bypass Gosmart, Simple or other tethering blocks by some carriers. I just do not understand why Gosmart would want to limit a person from tethering their own $45 plan internet. Even if GoSmart prevents me from Tethering on my laptop I could do heavy data use damage with my Note 2 that can do pretty much all that a laptop can do when it comes to the internet. Gosmart must think that tether users are eating up data when in reality most people don’t even use their laptops that much and use it on their free time.

To bypass the Gosmart tethering hotspot block all you need to do is install a Chrome extension called User-Agent Switcher. Make sure you install the one with the blue Globe as it is the best one out there. The way this User Agent switcher works is that it makes your Data connection provider think you are surfing from a device other than a mobile device. Some people browse as iPad and it works just fine for them although websites will start showing you iPad mode pages instead of desktop mode. What I do is browse as Google Bot as that will make websites show full desktop view pages. Avoid browsing as Bing-bot because that won’t make Facebook or other sites work right.