Borderlands 3 splitscreen

Playing borderlands 3 splitscreen is more fun with friends. Playing splitscreen depends on the platform you’re playing on. 

Playstation 4 and Xbox One supports split screen for local co-op games (with a maximum of 2 players).
Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X supports split screen for local co-op games in a 4k resolution at 60 fps with a maximum of 4 players.
Playing on PC won’t allow you to play local co-op games. The only option to play co-op is online for PC. I suggest you to use Teamspeak or Discord so you can talk to each other. There’s a maximum of 4 players.


How to play Borderlands 3 splitscreen

For PC

As mentioned before, the game itself does not support local co-op games. But; there’s a way. Check out There’s an extensive guide on how to get local co-op games for the PC.

For Playstation and Xbox

Make sure your guest players have their controller on and signed in into guest accounts (or their own). Easy as that. After that, let them press X if they are on the Playstation and A if they are Xbox. They will automatically join your group.  Once you start up the game, you’ll have splitscreen all things are good to go.

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