Borderlands 2 Review


Hello everybody, My name is Jammy also known as Jamie and today I will be reviewing Borderlands 2.

Borderlands 2 is based roughly 5 years after number 1 when the first lot of vault hunters were guided to a the vault to uncover its deepest secrets but only to find the Destroyer. After the Destroyer is destroyed, a mineral called “Eridium” kinda like pops up all over the planet. This is where Handsome Jack comes in. (He’s the one luring all the vault hunters to Pandora and killing them so he can have the vault all to himself). He does try to kill you by blowing up the train you are on.

Wuuks  At this Point in the game, you can start making your character. You can have up to 4 people play with you as the is 4 main people to choose from. There is 2 additional characters as well but you do have to pay to use them. (god damn it).

Later in the game you also find out who Angel is (she was is the first one), Angel is Handsome Jack’s Daughter. She is one of 6 Sirens in the whole of Pandora. She is used to charge the vault key as it was later found out that a siren was needed to charge the vault key and open the vault. To much regret, you do have to kill Angel (she does ask you to do it). After Angel dies, Handsome Jack appears and kills Roland (dude from the first Borderlands and Leader of The Crimson Riders) and kidnaps Lilith (the most powerful, awesome and slightly scary siren. She is also Rolands EX girlfriend).¬†Even though Handsome Jack was and I quote his Daughters last words “an asshole” he didn’t deserve to lose his child.

After way lots fighting with lots of robots and crazy ass baddies, you arrive at the vault and face the warrior, a big ass lava demon and after a long time, you finally defeat him and get to shoot Handsome Jack in the face (finally). Lilith is finally free and attempts to destroy the vault key and accidentally opens a map to showing more vaults across the planets, this leads Lilith to say “Aint no rest for the wicked” the theme song for the first Borderlands.

The graphics could do with tweaking but how much cooler can they get. Maybe add extra guns. If am honest, Am not a lover of shooting games but this one is definitively an exception and unlike the first Borderland you don’t take fall damage.


Alex Elliot

Alex Elliot is a regular contributor to that writes from Nevada.