Best ways to learn how to DJ

The fastest way to learn how to beat match, or others may call it beat mix, is to be able to distinguish the different rhythms from each other while mixing. For example, if deck 1 is playing out and has a regular four to the floor beat (kick drum, high hat, and clap/snare a la; boom tiss chack tiss, boom tiss chack tiss), and deck 2 is playng a chuggy tribal beat (a la; boom da boom boom, boom da boom boom) the secret formula to mastering beat matching is actually rhythm matching. learn how to dj music I found for me the best way to learn was to use computer software to learn. This is also a good way to figure out if it’s really for you, before you spend any money on expensive equipment. Download a program called Virtual DJ. It’s very basic, and helps you with beatmatching, mixing tracks, keys, finding cue points etc. There are tons of versions of it on The Pirate Bay, so it’s easy to get a hold of. Also, watch this video, it helps with Virtual DJ a lot.   Also consider using a Mac instead of PC for mixing or recording.  Most people use Mac’s for video or audio editing. Another great way to learn to DJ is  to connect with people that you know who are DJs as well, and check youtube vids. You should check lots of vids as far as DJs that can blend, not just cats that either backspin, or just press a reverb button that acts as an “in-between” effect, before they play the next track, don’t go that way.  Also, consider visiting this Wikihow tutorial on how to DJ