Best Streaming Music Services

Here are some great apps for when want to just stream music, and not worry about MP3’s filling up your devices storage.



spotify app

Spotify has long been one of the most popular streaming music services across the pond, and the service’s launch in the US last week certainly earned it some fans. Spotify has a music library at least 15 million songs large, free and tiered premium plans ($4.99/month for Unlimited and $9.99/month for Premium,) and support for most major desktop and mobile operating systems. Plus its wide userbase, partnership with Facebook, and growing popularity mean you’ll likely be able to find what you want to hear. Got your invite? Get started with our essential Spotify tools.


grooveshark app

Grooveshark is another of our favorite streaming services. Completely free, unless you want mobile access, Grooveshark boasts a huge library of user-uploaded songs, mashups, remixes, and more. The service makes it incredibly easy to hop over, type in a song you want to hear, and click play to just hear it, no accounts, strings, or payment plans attached. You’ll have to pay for the desktop player (essentially an AIR version of the site) and the mobile app ($6/month)


pandora one

Built on the Music Genome Project, Pandora was one of the first internet-radio services, able to propose songs to you based on songs that you’ve previously enjoyed. Pandora is still one of the lmost popular music discovery services available. It’s not music on-demand, as in you can’t request a specific song and hear it, but it does an unparalleled job at introducing you to new bands, artists, and songs you may like. The service is free, although ad-supported and with limited listening time and lower audio quality. Pay for Pandora One ($36/year) to remove ads, bump up the audio quality, and get unlimited listening, as well as a desktop player.P