best places to take drum lessons in San Francisco

best places to learn Drum lessons San Francisco

I would first recommend Greg if you want to take drum lessons in San Francisco because he has great testimonials of how well he teaches.  Here is what Greg has to say.

I am a patient and encouraging teacher with a broad base of knowledge to share with you. Yes, I specialize in jazz, but really that means I specialize in all styles of modern organic drumming. I have a lot of rock, R&B, and Latin experience, and those sounds are part of the current fabric of jazz. If you desire to approach your own style of music with a balance of skill and creativity, then you need to study with a jazz drummer.

Another place you can try is the Dyanamic Drumming Studio.
Brian has professionally taught at every level of formal education, from elementary school lessons all the way up to graduate level instruction. As a teacher, Brian seeks to exceptionally serve his students needs by providing the best approach to their individual wants and desires in music. Brian uses all styles and genres of music to help further the education of every student during their lessons at Dynamic Drumming. Brian has performed and experienced music from all over the world including South Indian, Steel Band, Classical, Jazz and Swing, Rock, Reggae, Funk, Hip-Hop, Country, Musical Theater, Gospel, and worship. Brian Paul Fruechtenicht received his Masters in Music with an emphasis in Percussion Performance from the prestigious University of North Texas in December, 2000. Brian also received his Bachelor of Arts in Percussion Performance from California State University, Chico, in 1997. In high school, Brian joined the drum line at Fred C. Beyer and won many competitions and awards in local performances. If you have ever been frustrated with music, or have found a ceiling in your progress, Brian can help develop a plan for you to move through that obstacle which will free up your playing and give you liberty again on the drum kit.