Best Linux Live USB creators for OSX

Here are some great tools I have come across for when you want to create Live or persistent USB Linux distros. Keep in mind that some of these USB Linux Live system creators for OSX may or may not work for certain distros. I would not recommend Unetbootin for Mac because it gave me issues in trying to boot, I was unable to get past the Grub bootloader which is why I decided to share these ones with you.

1. Ubuntu USB Creator

This is the easiest way to create a live linux USB on a mac.

Linux OSX Bootable

2. Mac Linux USB Loader

Tool allowing you to put a Linux distribution on a USB drive and make it bootable on Intel Macs using EFI.

Mac Linux USB Loader is an application that allows you to create bootable USB drives containing a Linux distribution that can boot natively on Apple’s Macintosh computers using its EFI system, regardless of whether or not the selected distribution has UEFI support. It is available in English and is translated into Spanish and Traditional Chinese. For information on available translations, please see here. It has a number of features:

  • Non-destructive install (does not format your USB drive as long as it has a FAT32 filesystem).
  • Supports mainstream Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Zorin, and more.
  • Includes persistence support for Ubuntu-based distributions (for instructions on how to set it up, see this link).
  • Automatically detects all removable devices.

Click here to download the latest stable version of Mac Linux USB Loader.