Best Linux distros that look like Mac OSX Mountain Lion

The good thing about using Linux Distros like the ones I am about to mention to you here is that you don’t get viruses or malware as easily as you do on Windows.  That is the beauty.  The first Distro that I would have to recommend to you and which has that OSX Look plus OSX system sounds is the Elementary OS Luna.  Luna has great features like a dock that has smart hide capability.  I get 5 hours of battery life on my laptop using Luna compared to the 3 hours Windows 8 gave me.

elementary os luna osx look alike

Screenshot of my HP ultrabook Elementary OS Luna

Linux distro with Apple look

Using Luna gives you more of an OSX feel than does Pear OS 8.    Luna is also smoother more stable and faster than PearOS 8, by default Pear OS 8 will overheat AMD computers (until you install AMD drivers which is a headache to do).  All I can say about Elementary OS Luna is that it is pure bliss, I have stopped using Windows 8 and it’s annoying features thanks to Luna.  I will soon donate to the people who made Luna.  The only downside to Luna is that it is based on Ubuntu 12.04, so Luna will have same minor issues that the 12.04 did.  Luckily, you can fix those issues with simple terminal commands.  The only issue I have had is fast battery drain.  You can follow my article on what I did to fix that.

Pear OS 8

Pear Os 8 mac osx look alike

Pear OS 8 Overview

Pear OS has been sold to a private party and is no longer available to public.