Best Galaxy S4 clones are nearly exactly like the real thing

These smart phone clone makers are getting better and better.  Here is one Galaxy S4 smartphone that is almost like the real thing.

This clone phone has a 720p HD display and although the real Galaxy S4 has a 1080p display, the difference is hard to notice.

S4 S9500

Orient phone 9500


NO.1 S6

Here is another one that is almost exactly like the real thing.  This one even has a 13MP Camera just like the real S4.

Quick Overview:

– 5 inch screen, 1280*720 pixel display
– 1.2GHz quad-core MTK MT6589 processor
– 13MP back camera + 5MP front camera
– Android 4.2 OS

No 1 S6

You can order it from here