Best Decent Anti-virus Apps

Are you looking for decent Anti-Virus programs?  Look no further, here is a list for you.



Avira Antivirus
Avira is my favorite because it doesn’t have annoying popups asking you to register.Avira Antivirus offers award winning protection for home and for business computers. Get the best security software and surf the web safely with Avira!


avast vs mse

  • Avast has shields that work at real time.
  • It’s Free.
  • I.T. workers recommend it as one of the best.
  • Is better for safe online surfing practices.
  • Avast has been able to block every single bad site that tries to insert something on my PC.
  • It rarely blocks anything that’s legitimate.


malwarebytes anti-malware catch


Malwarebytes isn’t an anti-virus app but it does a very good job at catching and getting rid of all the unwanted bad mal-ware that are more common than viruses are.