Best custom roms for the HTC One M8

The HTC One M8 is the best phone ever made by HTC .  We all know that in the past, HTC phone quality wasn’t up to same level as Apple or Samsung’s but things have changed now.  The HTC M8 phone itself is amazing but I just do not like the Blinkfeed centered launcher interface that HTC forces on people.  I have flashed Cyanogenmod 11 and installed the free theme called Cyanoid which you can find in the Google Playstore, and I know have the best experience on a smartphone.  The thing I like about Cyanogenmod over other roms is that it is simple and doesn’t have added stuff that dev’s of other roms put in the roms they cook up.   SlimKat rom would be another great choice but for now I am sticking with Cyanogenmod 11.  I am running the nightly 11-20140731-Nightly-m8 which is nice and stable.  I haven’t experienced any issues at all.  Best of all, battery life is great.

Visit to get the latest Cyanogenmod and you won’t have to worry about bloatware and other crap that default HTC android system comes with.

Of course to get the rom in your phone in the first place you will have to get your bootloader unlocked through the official HTC Bootloader unlock website.

Samsung and LG don’t offer this convenience of allowing people to unlock their bootloaders.  That is what sets HTC apart from other Smartphone makers and that is why I will keep on buying new HTC smartphone releases.  Checkout below screenshots.

HTC One M8 Custom Rom

HTC One M8 custom rom best Cyanogenmod