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Technical content writing is a specialized skill, not everyone has what it takes. You need to have a flair for writing along with in-depth knowledge about different kinds of technology. If you would like to give it a try, we are looking for guest writers on our site.

What does it take to become a tech content writer?

Technology like most things in the world is always evolving. Writers in this niche need the ability to stay up to date with the latest developments. Something that was irrelevant a few years ago might be all the rage in the present time. Apart from having a command over the English language, the foresight to predict technological developments will make you stand out as a content writer.

In general, people who are good at technology do not make good writers and vice versa. To explain the complex inner workings of different devices you need a certain pedagogical approach that technologically advanced people may lack. Being able to explain complex points in a simple manner is also an essential skill for a tech guest writer.

How to find an audience?

To test your material, you can become a guest writer on The site gets hundreds of visitors everyday and has good reader engagement. We write about everything technology and don’t shy away from letting people express their opinions.

Whether it’s content about the latest technology or something primed for a comeback, we publish anything that is original and inspired. You could write about your favorite apps or tech practices that bug you. Give developers advice on improving the user experience on their site. You could even cover the dark side of the internet and talk about the deepweb.

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