avoid being ripped off by pawn shops when selling your gadgets

Pawnshops tend to rip off people and care about themselves only.   When you are buying laptops for example, make sure you thoroughly test the laptop and look for dead pixels.  When the laptop is on with no CPU intensive apps running, you can put your hand against the heat vent and if it feels like very hot air is coming out.  It is a strong indicator that something is wrong with fan or the inside is very dirty and needs cleaning of dust.    You can use a site like this to check for dead pixels http://www.checkpixels.com

Be careful when selling your laptops, phones or anything at a pawn shop.   Pawn shops are known for playing the $60 trick, which is a trick they use to fool people.  When a person wants to sell a laptop that’s worth for example $200, the Pawn employee will pretend to be looking up the real value of the device on Ebay, and then offer you $60 based on the lowest bid he sees.

The Pawn employee will often go on the computer, and show the Ebay bids to the person selling the device.  The pawn employee will often lie and say the bid amount is actually what it sold for when in reality it’s just a bid amount .  They will also show lowest bid prices first so they can try and buy it from you at that low bid price, to fool you into thinking it’s actually worth that amount now.

I was just at a pawn shop a few hours prior to writing this article and was suprised to see the guy offer me $30 for an AMD HP Pavilion dm1 laptop that’s comparable to a Core i3.  He must of been out of his mind.  I asked him to show me the Buy It now price, but he wouldn’t.