Automation in IT Bringing a Revolution in the World?


Nobody can ignore the fact that machines have made the life of people easy and more comfortable. The time as well consumed in making the work accomplished is reduced. Modern technology makes life easier and more dignified for most of the people and it can’t be argued. Advancement of medical science is one of the major advantages. The fact that the lives of people have been affected in other by the advancement of technology can also be not denied. People are always seen busy with their electronic tools, whether it is their smart phone, laptop, pc or may be something else.
The introduction of building automation systems completely controls and regulates the various processes happening within the building. An employee now needs only to swipe his ID card, to help he system to register his presence. Everything thereafter, which ranges from the switching on the corridor lights, to the very AC in his workspace, is automatic.

Benefits of bringing Automation in IT

  1. Work can be done quickly

    This is no doubt one major and most sought after benefit of the automation brought in the industry. Now the need is to just feed machines, regarding the requirement and press enter, that all enough to make sure that the work is done.

  2. Work’s erroneous nature is reduced a lot!

    Human mind: more innovative it is, more prone to errors it is! The one most amazing and clear benefit of Automation or the use of machinery is the ability for humans to get the best and great work and also with no tension of handling errors.

  3. Work can be handled from any part of the work.

    Machines are now not restricted to be used from only one place. The word remote handling is so much in these days, due to its enormous capability of letting one device be used simultaneously and effectively from multiple places. The work can easily be achieved and files can be easily referred to while one on being vacation and can save the work and investment from getting waste!

  4. The guidance can be sought from any pace in the world!

    The best of the guidance and assistance can be now sought from any part of the world. Leading investors and the motivators can now be accessed right from anywhere and everywhere!

  5. One programmed computer can suffice and help you cut down your labor cost

    One machine can help you reduce your load on your pocket. The salaries can be saved and hence one time investment can help you increase your profit, absolutely easily!

With all the many benefits mentioned above, the automation has made some disadvantages float in the work environment. People can mostly be seen engaged with their machines and they do not have time even for their dear and near ones. This, as a result, has raised the eyebrows of intellectuals from all over the world, they are claiming that are we using excessive of technology or do we have become the slave of this technology.