ATLauncher Modpack Review


Hello Everybody, My name is Jammy and today I will be doing a review on The ATlauncher.

Like the Tekkit Launcher, The ATLauncher has various mod packs to download from, I recommend the Yogscast Complete Mod Pack. This particular modpack has every decent mod in one spot. It has over 250 mods!!!. And the Yogscast are still adding mods.

To run the ATLauncher, you need a computer or laptop with at least 2GB ram and a big memory. It Can be very buggy as some of the mods don’t really work well together but the can be ways round that. If you don’t like the science way of things, you can always become a witch or a wizard or you can go old school and play normal minecraft. If don’t like magic then go ahead become a scientist. You can always combine magic and science and become a technomage (that would be so cool!!!!). The choices are endless.

Even though I play this ModPack an awful lot (and I alot, I recently brought a new PC like a week ago and all I have on it is Minecraft, Tekkit and the Atlauncher. Think I clocked at like 82 hours on ATlauncher alone!!..yeah am a nerd and no I don’t care). I think the ATLauncher is doing better then its older brother Feed the Beast. Everything Minecraft related is¬†always and most certainly be a recommend game from me

Alex Elliot

Alex Elliot is a regular contributor to that writes from Nevada.