Apple Sued Over Logo By Apple Farmer

apple logo lawsuit
Apple Computer, having recently won a suit brought by Apple records, the company founded by the Beatles, was surprised to find itself immediately dragged back into court to face a challenge by an incensed New York apple farmer.

“What do these boys mean,” the farmer went on, “claiming they own a picture of an apple with a bite out of it?” Gesturing to his acres of apple blossoms, he continued, “My father started this here apple orchard over a hundred years ago, and we’ve had a picture of an apple with a bite out of it on the side of our roadside farm stand for nigh onto seventy-five years. As far as I’m concerned, these Silicon Valley slickers have infringed on my copyright and on the rights of apple growers everywhere.”

Apple CEO Steve Jobs responded, “I hope we can put this suit behind us, because we’ve always loved apple farmers. In all honesty, I admit we didn’t invent an apple with a bite taken out of it. It’s one of our least original ideas. That’s why we always have to defend it. If I had it to do over again, I would have picked a more unusual fruit, like a Kiwi or maybe a Start fruit.”

The farmer was not pacified, insisting, “When I get done with these cagy fellers, they’ll be sorry they ever set eyes on an apple.”