Apple releases support corona apps for iPhone 6 and 5s

Apple released iOS 12.5, which supports the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s for the api that corona alert apps use. CoronaMelder and Coronalert also work on the iPhone 6 and 5s.

Until the release of iOS 12.5, the contact tracing api only worked on iPhone 6s and newer, but the release of iOS 12.5 is changing that, writes Apple. The update, released Monday night, brings support for devices that did get iOS 12 but not iOS 13: the iPhone 6 and 5s.

It’s the first time since the release of Apple and Google’s Exposure Notification framework that Apple is adding support for more devices; support for the iPhone 6s and newer has been around since the beginning. Google supports phones Android 6 and newer. With the support of the older iPhones, there is now a group of people who couldn’t install a corona app before and now they can.

For newer iPhones, iOS 14.3 was released On Monday night. With that, Apple adds support for shooting photos in ProRAW format on iPhone 12 phones and filming at 25fps. App Clips will also be available, mini versions of apps that can be accessed by scanning a code at stores or events, for example. The 14.3 update also includes support for the app privacy label in the App Store.