Apple releases dual MagSafe charger for 149 euros

Apple released its dual MagSafe charger announced in October. The accessory, which can charge an iPhone and Apple Watch wirelessly at the same time, costs 149 euros. Apple recommends a 20W or 27W USB-C adapter, which doesn’t come with it.

The magsafe charger is compatible with wireless charging iPhones, the Apple Watch, the Wireless Charging Case for AirPods and with other Qi devices. The dual charger can be folded and comes with a one-meter Lightning-to-USB-C cable.

When using a 20W adapter, it charges wirelessly with up to 11W and, in combination with a 27W adapter or higher, it’s up to 14W. As with the new iPhones, Apple doesn’t provide an adapter. The company still sells it separately; A 20W version with USB-C costs 25 euros and a 30W variant costs 55 euros.

Apple announced the dual MagSafe charger in October, coinciding with the four new iPhone 12 models. It was not yet known when the wireless dual charger would come out and what it would cost. A single MagSafe wireless charger was already available and costs 45 euros at Apple,