Apple lets App Store users share in-app purchases with family

It is now possible for App Store users to share in-app purchases with family members. This may include subscriptions or additional features purchased within applications.

The arrival of Family Sharing had been known for some time, but Apple now actually has the option inted, which means developers can insert the capability into their applications. Apple has a support page online explaining how this works. Sharing with family can be done with up to five others.

By Family Sharing, it is possible, among other things, to share subscription services with family members. Purchased extras can also be shared in apps, as long as they are non-consumables. That is, things like currency used in games can’t be shared, but they’re buying pro versions of apps or additional features, so it’s.

Google introduced the ability to share paid apps with family members a few years ago. Play Family allows up to six users to form a group and use purchased apps, movies, or books that are on the main account together. Users can also share streaming service Play Music.