Apple is reviewing Xbox app with game streaming for iOS

Apple is in the process of approving the iOS version of the Xbox app that appeared for Android earlier this week. Microsoft didn’t announce whether there would be an iOS version, but it turns out it should appear.

The functionality for the iOS version should be similar to that of Android, reports The Verge. That also means that users of iPhones and iPads could start streaming games from their own console to their mobile device. That has not been possible so far. Sony already has that with its Remote Play app for iOS.

The app differs from xCloud, which makes it possible to stream games without having an Xbox in-house: the game stream will come from Microsoft’s server, and Apple will have problems with that. However, streaming games from your own console is covered by the ‘remote desktop’ rules.

Microsoft, the revamped Xbox app will also be used to install the Xbox Series X and S. According to Microsoft, users can log in and adjust settings with the app while the console gets updates. This should speed up the installation process. Once set up, the app can be used to install or remove games and as a remote control.