Apple choose profits over people as UK consumers feel the Brexit bash

With everybody talking about the launch of the iPhone 7, featuring its’ new water-proof functionality, dual rear camera for the Plus and of course the loss of the standard Headphone jack that will encourage users to migrate over to their new wireless tech, take a minute to spare a thought for UK consumers who will be reeling from the news that Apple have upped their prices to account for the perceived weaker pound.

While spread betting traders will be all too aware that the Sterling has fallen from grace ever since Britain voted to leave the EU, many consumers would have been hoping that Apple would at least keep the price in-line with that of the US launch rather than ramp up the costs at both the device and contract levels. However, it appears that the new iPhone 7 is set to hit the markets with their entry-level phone priced at £599 (albeit with a new minimum spec 32GB model) up to £799 for their highest capacity model. The iPhone 7 Plus is also stepping up in price and will enter the market at £719 up to £919 depending on the memory size you opt for.

But for those who haven’t yet been dissuaded by the initial outlay, you may want to consider the additional costs that lie in wait behind the scenes. While Apple’s new iPhone will be including a pair of their ‘original’ headphones in the package that plug directly into your lightning port, if you want to take advantage of the wireless opportunity, or just have your eyes open to the inability to charge your phone while listening to music, you can expect to fork out another £150+ for the privilege of the new ‘Airpods’ which would, in turn, take the cost for your iPhone package to that of a top-model laptop!

So with the potential for accessory sales and pricey contracts, why did Apple choose to pass on the initial levy on the GBP/USD change and will people react as positively as they did to the iPhone 6 just 2 years ago. While some will concede that Apple are really just about big enough to do what they want, the stock market is beginning to paint the picture that this may just be a step too far with a slight slide in the share price and big investors reported to be slightly wary of the new phones. While the corporate team at Apple will be hoping to see the share price rebound over the upcoming weeks before they start to really hit the market, their recent ‘launch’ press conference seemed to leave people thinking about the 2016 Super Mario app release, rather than their own technologies. It was in fact so effective that Nintendo investors saw an instantaneous jump of 4500JPY before falling back to end 12.5% higher on the day.

So if you are still getting ready to empty your savings accounts in order to acquire the latest piece of Apple technology or pricing up your kidneys on the black market, why not try spread betting with Spreadex on the Apple share price to generate some extra funds, either buying into the fact that they will recover once the new phones start to reach consumers or that the phone was over-hyped and the shares will still fall further.