Apple begins screen repair program for iPhone 11

Apple has set up a repair program for the iPhone 11 that can replace the display in case of touch sensitivity issues. Customers can check a dedicated website to see if they are eligible for the program.

On its website speaks Apple of a Display Module Replacement Program for Touch Issues. This is specifically about the iPhone 11; other models of the smartphone are excluded from the repair program. In addition, only iPhone 11 models purchased between November last year and May of this year will come. On the website, owners of the iPhone 11 can enter their serial number to determine their eligibility.

Owners of the iPhone 11 can use the repair program to have their screen replaced if they have touchscreen problems. In the case of some of the smartphones, an unspecified hardware problem in the display module may eliminate touch sensitivity. According to Apple, only a small number of iPhone 11 models suffer from touchscreen problems, but it is unclear exactly how big the problem is.

If you want to have their screen repaired, you can report it to an authorized Apple repairman or an Apple store. It then checks whether the iPhone qualifies for repair. It is also possible to send the iPhone by mail for repair. If you have already had a paid repair for touchscreen problems, you can ask for a refund of the costs through Apple.