Apple approves Edge, Firefox and DuckDuckGo as default browser in iOS 14

Apple has approved Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and DuckDuckGo for use as the default browser in iOS 14. Apple had approved Google Chrome before. The approval allows users to set the three browsers in iOS 14 as the default browser.

Edge, Firefox and DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser try to distinguish themselves both with privacy features, reports 9to5Mac. Chrome primarily offers synchronising data with the desktop version as a distinctive feature, a feature that Firefox also has.

Apple still does not allow browsers to use a different rendering engine than Webkit on iOS. As a result, the alternative browsers are repackaged versions of Safari with added features. It is unknown if there are any more browser builders who want to qualify as the default browser.

In addition to another standard browser, users under iOS 14 can also set another mail client as default. Apple released iOS 14 On Wednesday evening Dutch time. Tweakers published a preview of iOS 14.