AMD shows design of Radeon RX 6000 video card

AMD showed an image of a video card from the Radeon RX 6000 series. The card features a heatsink with three fans and has two 8pins connections. As previously indicated, the reference cards no longer get a blower cooler

AMD posted a render of an RX 6000 video card on Twitter after the map was shown in Fortnite earlier on Tuesday night. Players posted screenshots. Amd does not give concrete details about the video card yet. It is a video card based on the RDNA 2 architecture, which gpu architecture is also used in the PlayStation 5 and xbox series X.

On these screenshots from Fortnite you can see that the video card gets a USB-C connection. Scott Herkelman, chief executive of the Radeon division, confirms that. It may be intended as a VirtualLink connection, for pairing VR headsets with a single cable. The VirtualLink standard seems lifted, however. Nvidia, one of its co-founders, no longer uses the USB-C port on its RTX 3000 cards. The website of the consortium is no more than a redirect to Wikipedia.

The cooler is equipped with three fans. AMD no longer opts for a blower design, as the company did with recent video cards, including the RX 5000 series. Confirmed early this year AMD already that the new cards would no longer get a blower cooler. At the time, there was a teaser of the design

Last week, AMD announced that the official presentation of the RX 6000 video cards will take place on October 28. It is not yet known when the ‘Big Navi’ cards will be in stores. In March AMD that performance per watt will be improved by 50 percent compared to the current generation of Navi video cards.